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CSR TruesttechID

One of these organizations is Truesttech ID – a renowned corporation famous for its creativity and dedication to charity initiatives. The company conducted a mass circumcision campaign on 28th Sep 2023 in which the villagers’ people were filled with joy and hope.

Kampung Pasirjati is a densely populated area where most residents do not have easy access to the health system. In realizing the need for support within the village, TruesttechoiD decided to come up with its initiative to improve the lives of the villagers.

The mass circumcision event that occurred in a specified community center was a tremendous success. TruesttechID collaborated with local healthcare experts and arranged for secured facilities where the procedures were carried out in a sanitary environment. The medical team administered circumcision on the young boys, and parents came along with other relatives to witness it, smiling from ear to ear in gratitude.

TruesttechID’s spokesman Mr. [Spokesperson’s of the company stated their commitment towards supporting the local community’s where their operations are situated. Our commitment towards CSR goes further than achieving business objectives. A meaningful difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. This mass circumcision event in Kampung Pasirjati is part of such efforts to help out the local townships.

Additionally, there was an ongoing community education effort that involved conducting health talks and teaching proper hygiene, culminating in organizing a big feast for the villagers. TrueStechID donated hygiene kits and teaching materials to stress significance of hygiene and healthiness.

With every day, TruesttechID makes a positive impact in society through their CSR initiatives. This serves as an inspiration to other companies to give back to the communities supporting their growth and success.

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